Macquarie Group Foundation

The Macquarie Group Foundation is the philanthropic arm of Macquarie Group and provides support to hundreds of community organisations globally. Macquarie uses all of its resources when it comes to making an impact. In a complex world, community organisations have a range of different needs. Financial support is one, but building a charity’s capacity by volunteering or providing skilled expertise are others. 

Macquarie believes that making a difference is often a mix of this offering. Since their inception in 1985, together with Macquarie staff, the Macquarie Group Foundation has contributed around $A330 million to thousands of non-profits around the world. 

They’ve also given back in other ways: hosting community events, organising volunteering days, supporting staff who sit on community boards and arranging pro bono workshops to best utilise employee skills for the benefit of the social sector. It’s this flexible approach that Macquarie believes can best help the community organisations they support.

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