About Us

Where does the money go?

We are thrilled to announce that the 2018 Fight on the Beaches Charity Ball, through Fight for a Cure, will fund a cancer researcher at Macquarie University Hospital in North Ryde and 2 researchers at the Bill Walsh Translational Cancer Research Laboratory, based at Royal North Shore Hospital. As well as donating to these two worthy beneficiaries, the charity will retain a small percentage to fund ongoing cancer screening clinics and other projects on the Northern Beaches.



Macquarie University Hospital hospital delivers holistic patient care and treatment informed directly by world-renowned research and continuous learning for improved patient outcomes, enhanced student experiences and more and better research.

The Macquarie University Hospital is also home to the Macquarie University Cancer Institute (MCI). Their dedicated cancer service brings together teams of committed health professionals and researchers to provide cutting edge treatment options for cancer patients.  


The Bill Walsh Translational Cancer Research Laboratory is the research arm of the Medical Oncology Department at Royal North Shore Hospital. They focus on increasing understanding of cancer biology, identifying better ways to diagnose and predict how a cancer will behave, and improving cancer treatment for better outcomes for cancer patients.
Their team of medical oncologists and cancer researchers work together to fast-track discoveries into clinical practice.