Screening Clinics

Screening Clinics

Funded through proceeds of various Fight on the Beaches events, community fundraising events, together with grants from local and national bodies, Fight for a Cure Ltd host cancer screening clinics across the Northern Beaches to promote early detection of cervical, breast and skin cancer in women, and also skin cancer in the general population.

Clinics are fully funded by Fight for a Cure ltd and conducted by local family GP surgery’s which are friendly, professional and accessible. There is no cost to the patient for the screening. 

We also offer women's screening clinics with a fully qualified nanny to ensure women have the ability to attend an appointment without concern for their childs care.

These clinics provide a way for women to attend to their health without cost, childcare or time management implications.

This is a message received by a previous clinic attendee which highlights the need for these early detection clinics:

"I had my skin cancer check today and thanks to FOTB and all I can say is thank you! The Doctor found a potential melanoma which she is quite concerned about. She is cutting it out as a priority & is extremely pleased I saw her today as am I!"

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